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We are Slow Food Cymru...

Posted by Slowfoodcymru.org on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2020


Slow Food is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. It was founded in 1989 in Italy, created to counter the rise of fast food and fast life.


Slow Food Cymru is currently run by a small group of volunteers, food producers, chefs and writers. We work to reconnect people with where their food comes from and how it is produced so they can understand the implications of the choices they make about the food they put on their plates. We encourage people to choose nutritious food, from the bounteous supply of sustainable Welsh sources which tastes great.

Get Involved

Sign up for our campaign to bring truly local foods to the table and feed into our exciting plans for the future of Slow Food Cymru. Send us an email below.

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