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Local Food and 'Sustainable Food' Will Become More Popular

Posted by Slowfoodcymru.org on Jumat, 28 Februari 2020

 Public awareness of healthy living is increasing. This makes healthy food the most sought after food trend this year.

Healthy food is a trend also recognized by Chef Chandra Yudasswara. According to Chef Chandra, the trend of healthy food has begun to be widely campaigned by chefs. Not only healthy food, but also sustainable food.

"Now, if I see that in 2020 there will be a lot of campaigns about sustainable food. So, healthy food for our bodies and also good for the earth," said Chef Chandra when met at Portable Kitchen & Lounge in East Jakarta (8/1).

Sustainable food is a healthy food procurement system. Also has a positive impact on the surrounding community, environment and social systems. Not only producing healthy food but also environmentally friendly and economically beneficial to the community.

Furthermore, Chef who is also popular as a host of cooking shows also said that the increasing trend of healthy food, made restaurants or industries more focused on using plant-based ingredients.

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Regarding the type of food, according to him Asian food will still dominate as a trend in Indonesia. That's because Asian food enters comfort food for Indonesians. Comfort food is of course made from local products to minimize imported products.

"If we import products, we will spend more energy, such as packaging or shipping processes which take time too. So, local products can be said to be a food trend also to support sustainable food," he explained.

Chef Chandra, who also has a lot of restaurant businesses in several cities in Indonesia, knows very well about foods that go into comfort food and has always been sought after by many people until now. The food is fried rice.

The delicacy of fried rice cannot be swayed from the tastes of the Indonesian people. In fact, not only native people of Indonesia who like fried rice. Not infrequently tourists who visit Indonesia are always tetarik to taste fried rice.

In accordance with the 2020 food trend which refers to healthy food, fried rice will also be served later with filling made from healthy plant-based ingredients.

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