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The Reasons Food on the Plane Feels More Bland

Posted by Slowfoodcymru.org on Senin, 16 Maret 2020

When we get on an airplane , maybe not all airlines use food for their passengers. There are certain airlines that serve food for free and some have to pay.

The Reasons Food on the Plane Feels More Bland

For long-haul flights, food is usually served several times depending on the flight duration and flight class.

But have you ever felt your appetite decrease while on a plane ? Foods that look delicious can be tasteless on the tongue when served above altitude.

That is not only the opinion of the passengers, but also the airline acknowledges. Qatar Airways Culinary Development Manager Decha Mingkwan explained, it happened because of the air pressure inside the plane that affects the ears and led to the ability of the tongue to taste food.

"In the past, we made food more salty for the plane," said Decha in Cengkareng, reported from Antara , Friday, February 27, 2020.

"But now, the food on land and on the plane that we make tastes the same," he continued. He added, it was possible because of better air circulation on the plane so it did not really affect the ability to taste.

Wear earplugs

The Reasons Food on the Plane Feels More Bland

The sense of taste does not work at all. Low humidity and air pressure make the sense of taste more blunt.

That is the reason why airlines often serve spicy or salty foods to make them taste more. The sound of aircraft engines can also affect the inability to smell and taste food and drink.

Wearing earplugs to reduce noise can be the easiest way to make food and drinks delicious on the plane, said Professor Charles Spence, author of "Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating" as quoted by the Telegraph.

So, if you get on a plane again and get a meal, this method might be tried so that the food is more tasted.

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